Interactive Online Textbooks and Websites

The RCPA Manual

How could we not mention the RCPA? The main purpose of this manual is to provide useful guidelines for the selection of pathology tests and to facilitate the interpretation of results. The Manual contains Clinical Problems and information on Pathology Tests.

The Interactive Pathology Laboratory

An interactive, case-based approach to learning the concepts of pathology. It includes cases outlining clinical and laboratory findings along with high quality images. The program follows the sequence of chapters in the Robbin's Pathologic Basis of Disease textbook.


Made by the one and only General Pathologist, Dr Travis Brown. This is a comprehensive and easy to navigate summary of diagnoses and associated tests for Clinicians. Great for learning how Pathology ties into clinical fields.


Dr. Dharam Ramnani created this educational resource with high quality pathology images of benign and malignant neoplasms and related entities for all organ systems.


A free, no-registration website with a unique, comprehensive, regularly updated textbook of surgical and clinical pathology, and more!


The PathElective mission is to bring a free, high-quality, organized, and adaptable pathology elective experience to everyone. Includes clear modules, videos and quizzes to solidify your learning!

Video Series

Jerad Gardner, MD

Dr Jerad Gardner is a TEDx Alumnus, passionate dermatopathologist and section head of bone/soft tissue pathology at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania. This YouTube channel is full of informative pathology videos!

Med School Insiders Episode

So You Want to Be a PATHOLOGIST: A 15-minute introductory video explaining the ins and outs of pathology!

73 Questions with a Pathologist

Dr. Savage, a pathology attending physician, talks about the lifestyle of a pathologist. Listen to the candid advice, passion, and genuine excitement that makes Dr. Savage an incredible physician, but most importantly, a great inspiration to those interested in the pathology field.

Textbooks and Articles

Medscape Pathology

Comprehensive pathology-related articles and clinical information and resources essential to physicians and healthcare professionals. A great resource to keep up to date with the latest pathology information.

Medscape Pathology

A monthly magazine designed for anyone interested in their health and wellbeing and in the integral role that pathology plays in the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases.

Pathology Journal

Pathology is the official journal of the RCPA and is published by Elsevier. The journal is committed to publishing peer-reviewed, original articles related to the science of pathology.


RCPA: Micro Waves

Hosted by RCPA Vice President, A/Prof Trishe Leong. This podcast series aims to educate and grow awareness of the pathology career (yours truly appeared on this one - episode 4).

People of Pathology

Interviews with people doing interesting things in pathology and related fields. I also appeared on this one - episode 117).

Clinpath Pathology: This Pathological Life

Another resource by the legendary Dr Travis Brown. Every disease has its own story to tell. This podcast brings the spectrum of general pathology to life.


PathPod gathers pathologists around the Scope to discuss their work in depth. Simply put, a pathology podcast for everyone

Pathology Made Non-Toxic

Dr Raakesh discusses the basics you need to know in pathology. It is informative for everyone interested in pathology.

RCPA: The Pathologists Cut

A monthly podcast produced by the RCPA explores the critical work of pathologists and the integral part pathology plays in medicine.