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The Power of Pathology in Medical School

Hosted by RCPA Vice President, A/Prof Trishe Leong, Micro Waves is a Pathologist Cut spin-off exploring the fascinating careers in pathology.In the fourth episode, we chat with Harry Gaffney, a final year medical student who discovered the power of pathology both as a way to enhance his learning, but also as a rewarding and compelling career path

How does a city Doctor make it in the bush?

Harry Gaffney has long been passionate about medicine but his work with the RFDS changed his perspective on rural health entirely.

Turning the magic of medicine into reality

When Harry Gaffney was a young boy, medicine seemed like magic. At his young age, he was determined to join their world and find out how the magic of medicine really worked. How could anyone not be fascinated by the mystery of it all? This is Harry Gaffney’s journey from the magic to the reality of medicine.

Dispelling Myths About Pathology

We discuss with Harry his interest in microbiology, how he decided that pathology was the field for him, and some of the major misconceptions about pathology and how to dispel them

The student view of rural healthcare

Tash Miles hits the open road and speaks with Harry Gaffney, Hayley Johns and Debra Lee about the unique opportunities presented when living and working in outside of metropolitan centres.